Home Waters + Save Bristol Bay

Home Waters is teaming up with Save Bristol Bay! 25% of all proceeds from our Sockeye Salmon T-Shirts will be donated to the cause of Save Bristol Bay.

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  • What is Bristol Bay?

    Bristol Bay is a large watershed located in Southwestern Alaska. The bay welcomes home over 50 million Sockeye Salmon a year; one of the largest and last salmon runs in the world. These fish alone make up thousands of American jobs, world class fishing, and a rich Alaskan culture.

  • Why does it Need Saving?

    For years, Bristol Bay has been threatened by mine proposals. If built, these mines would greatly effect this salmon run in a negative way. Not only would it effect the fish itself but the jobs, recreation, and the very culture they fuel. Bristol Bay needs permanent protection and Save Bristol Bay is trying to do just that.

  • How Can I Help?

    Buy a Sockeye Salmon Shirt! 25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Save Bristol Bay organization. Every purchase matters. Looking for more ways to help? Check out Take Action — Save Bristol Bay.

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